Methionine Is Not the Only "Problem" Amino Acid

Glutamine, which is synthesized in the body from dietary glutamate, prevents the destruction of senescent cells.

BTW, this is a great account to follow for the latest anti-aging and health research.

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It’s not much different than trying to fight cancer - you’ll need to go with more selective interventions like cell based therapies (i.e. FDA approved CAR-T costs like $1,000,000+), rather than chemotherapy.

In the meantime, rapa (to buy time) + lifestyle modifications (i.e. exercise) is enough for me to “wait and see” for senolytics.

Rapa also suppress cancer in human transplant patients.

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“If you wait until you are ready, it is almost certainly too late.” ~ Seth Godin

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(1) I’m not doing nothing
(2) Turns out Seth Godin was dead wrong

In your view.

The fact is;

I am not waiting.
And many of the forum members WILL NOT wait."

“Timing is the single biggest reason that startups succeed” - Bill Gross

He was not talking about luck. If you’ve researched biotech and drug design long enough - you’ll see what I mean by not relying on luck even more so than tech. And even more so in cancer drugs.

Not to mention, intervention bias is a problem in medicine. It’s no surprise there are a limited amount of interventions done by many serious researchers out there at this time. I suppose you have a different risk tolerance - I can respect that. But I intend to play for keeps.

Glutamine is one of the building blocks of glutathione. The other two are cysteine and Glycine. If you take NAC and Glycine, this should reduce glutamine as all three are consumed to make glutathione.

So, this could be one of the mechanisms that NAC and Glycine use to increase lifespan. They consume glutamine thereby lowering levels that may build up as you age. As levels of cysteine and Glycine decrease as you age, you need to replenish them with these supplements. This is supposition on my behalf and I as well as my parents are supplementing with both.

This study shows Glutamine builds up as we age whilst Glutamate decreases.