Metformin rescues rapamycin-induced mitochondrial dysfunction and attenuates rheumatoid arthritis


Seeing that I am at risk for rheumatoid arthritis from Promethease, this gives me more reasons to take Metformin along with my Rapamycin. Thanks for posting this!


Is the rapa induced mito disfunction due to high, daily dosing? Would it have the same effect on a longevity dosing? I hope not.

the study is in vitro and in vivo. how translatable to humans?

Keep taking metformin and this advice from someone who has taken it in the past for decades and I am really glad I did. There may be some reasons not to take metformin for example, some people have stomach problems and diarrhea, but if it agrees with you I would keep on taking it. Remember that on this forum there are naysayers for any beneficial drug proposed regardless of the scientific evidence.