Metformin mouthwash & Rapamycin mouth ulcers

Purely anecdotal, but don’t know if anyone else has experienced this.

I’ve been using a metformin mouthwash for periodontal reasons (got a receding gumline problem) and last week I ran out.

I didn’t think anything of it but my mouth ulcer returned. I don’t if it’s rapamycin-related as I’ve been using different doses and routes of administration.

I couldn’t be bothered to go to the garage to make some more up, but yesterday I had a ‘chemistry day’ in the garage, extracting rapamycin from tablets and 17 alpha estradiol from Pantostin. So in the downtime between extractions I made up more mouthwash.

I used it last night and again this morning and it suddenly hit me, no pain from my mouth ulcer.

Has anybody else had any similar experiences?


Was wondering why you use metformin for mouthwash. Found this:

Repurposing Metformin for periodontal disease management as a form of oral-systemic preventive medicine | Journal of Translational Medicine | Full Text.

Could you please share your formula? How many tablets (metformin), in how much liquid? The mouse study above involved systemic intake of metformin.


Actually I got the idea from this forum, courtesy of @RapAdmin

which features the paper you cited, I think I may have a post or two on the link shown above.

I grind up a 500mg metformin tablet (immediate release) and dissolve it in 50mls of water. It goes into solution with repeat shaking. It tastes a bit funny but not repellent.

You’ll have to let me know how you go on with it.

I’d especially like to hear from anyone who has rapamycin induced mouth ulcers, to learn if it has any effect.


Thank you.

Sorry. No mouth ulcers. Not on rapamycin.

Will report back on the effect on the gumline.

It may not be that the rapamycin is causing your mouth ulcers. Maybe what you are experiencing is the side effect of rapamycin on any wound healing. In other words, an ulcer starts to form and rapamycin prevents healing, and it grows.

Rapamycin affects people differently. I have never had any mouth sores, acne, etc, at any dosage… What I experience is diarrhea at high doses. I use this as a marker for adjusting my dosing as I take rapamycin with GFJ.

You’re probably right, I’ve always had gum/teeth problems. I just thought it strange that the ulcer disappeared with resumption of the metformin mouthwash.

That aside, for the first time in my life, I’ve got what looks like eczema on both feet🦶

I don’t know if that’s a rapamycin issue or not?

It’s very hard to sort out what’s rapamycin related and what’s just a random occurrence.