Metformin - India Pharmacy brand/manu?

I tried the Metformin brand Glycomet 500mg and seem to have some adverse reactions. I am wondering if others have tried other brands they are pleased with?

Metformin has unwanted side effects for many people, including upset stomach and diarrhea. I am pretty sure the brand is okay.

@desertshores My symptoms were itchy skin, raising heart, etc not the typical ‘side effects’ mine seem more like kidney or liver issue(s), but all my kidney and liver labs are normal. That is why I was wondering if it was the specific filler/molecules, etc of this brand.

I asked my Dr to prescribe me a blood glucose monitor too.

If you are in the US, metformin is very inexpensive, paying with no insurance off label use prescription 90 tablets 500mg is less than $8.00{on January 04, 2023] with a singecare coupon at Walgreens.

What is your cost from India?

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I would start initially with trying to get this in the USA - because its usually cheap and easy. I used to get it through Kaiser here in California - my doctor said they’d give to anyone who asked, but if you didn’t really need it you’d pay out of pocket - but its cheap as dirt, so not a problem. I think my cost was something like $11 for 90 tablets of 500mg XR metformin.

Ask your doctor - tell him its for general aging purposes, and he’ll probably write you a prescription. Once you get that prescription, its cheap from many sources, including Costco.


My primary had originally declined my request which is why I went the India route. He has since left the practice so I need a new PCP. That will be question #1 in my selection process for my next PCP :slight_smile:

I think both agelessrx and gethealthspan web services both provide prescribe and sell metformin.