Metformin as a Geroprotector (Attia / Huberman)

But you are pre diabetic, right?

My last HbA1c was 5.8%. Since then I’ve started metformin and berberine.

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Keep in mind that these days, most primary care physicians are salaried employees of large groups, and health care systems. There is no reward system or kick backs. They treat patients based on current standard of care. Unfortunately, the includes only limited preventative medicine.

A much larger problem is the insurance industry which doesn’t pay for much preventative care.


True, I’m not targeting just doctor’s with my comment; the entire system is “fee for service” - so the same is true for the insurance and hospitals, etc. (the Medical/Industrial complex, as they say)… They are all incentivized to want you as sick as possible, as long as possible, and to get as many treatments as possible. Admittedly, for the insurance companies, their incentive is to pay for as few services as possible, while maintaining the insurance income… so a different balance, but still counterproductive in many ways. Its changing… with chargebacks for readmitances to hospitals, etc., but still a long way to go.

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