Medications for low bone density (bisphosphonates LIKE zoledronate)? Potential long term effects?

Hi Alex, could provide some color on the metformin comment?

Zoledronate reduces synthesis of Coenzyme Q which is the endpoint of Complex I transport
Metformin inhibits Complex I (increasing lactate)

I don’t know how much confidence I have in the claim (metformin + statins does not seem to produce adverse effects). I’m seeing more metformin skepticism from some others lately (eg christin gloriso and peter attia). Metformin at high doses does not reduce my appetite.

But Zoledronate would also be another longevity intervention that would reduce my need for metformin. Idk, I’m still banking on metformin + rapamycin synergy

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Thank you for the color!

There is also scientific evidence of high calorie diet, followed by a 10 day fast being effective : The effect of short-term high-caloric feeding and fasting on bone microarchitecture - ScienceDirect

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“Short-term fasting after high-caloric feeding improves vBMD, bone microarchitecture and strength estimates of the distal tibia, while short-term high-caloric feeding does not change vBMD or microarchitecture”

Wonder if it would help to do a certain refeeding approach after the fast?