Measuring and Reversing Biological Age The EGYM versus The Longevity Lunatic Fringe

The link below is the posting from 03/18/2023

The Seskeptical Cardiologist.

I thank member rivasp12 again for the lead pointing to these posting.

“Folks, no actionable information on your health is derived from HRV!”
I had already reached my layman’s conclusion that it was totally unreliable because it varied so widely as regards time taken etc.

My HRV tells me i should not binge drink. That arguably is actionable information. (Or inactional information)

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Heart Rate Recovery (HRR) vs Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

“The Skeptical Cardiologist” Thinks HRR is superior to HRV in determining future mortality.
I agree because the HRV test is so variable, much more so than my recovery time to a given heart rate.

I have been using my heart rate recovery when doing short HIT workouts at the gym to determine when I was good to go for another one. The studies are for treadmill tests however and because of my ankle that would be pretty hard for me to do. Though I am not sure why the treadmill would be a better test in determining the recovery time from a given heart rate.

“Heart Rate Recovery: A Simple and Powerful Predictor of Mortality”

Here is a link to his site. He has lots of information about various medical devices such as fitness, heart rate monitors, wearable blood pressure monitors, etc.

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