Maxwell Biosciences - Blood Factor Treatment for Aging

I’m not sure where I came across this company- I digest a huge amount of information and it’s hard to track. They have an extremely interesting pipeline, including a biomimetic that purports to target infectious pathogens, but they also seem to be working on blood factors for aging. I was curious to hear if anyone had heard of them on the forum?

I assume you’re talking about this:

But I don’t see any “blood factor” for aging in their pipeline… what have you heard?

Source: Long COVID & Infectious Disease Drug Development Pipeline — Maxwell Biosciences

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Yes, that’s it. Sorry, I should have linked to the page. I don’t think my title was helpful. I probably jumped the gun in posting it. It looks as though the protein they’ve found has been isolated from young blood, and it essentially a young immune mimetic. I’m wondering if they’re inferring an immune age reduction with the therapy? If it turns out that their compound does what it says, it might radically change the face of infectious disease, which would have a huge downstream effect on immune function.

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I’m adding another piece here. Great talk from the CEO of Maxwell Biosciences Joshua McClure.
LL37 was isolated from human plasma and was inspired by Heterochronic Parabiosis.

If this is as successful as some of the research suggestions I believe this is another huge step towards increased healthspan. Being able to essentially destroy almost any pathogen is going to save lives and probably preserve immune function. Incredible technology.