Matt Kaeberlein on Tim Ferriss Podcast: Rapamycin, Metformin, Spermidine, NAD, Urolithin A, Acarbose And More

I think Matt’s work these days is 50% podcast interviews ;-). Good to see him finally on the Tim Ferriss Podcast, to get the word out on rapamycin to a broader audience.

From Tim Ferriss: The Life-Extension Episode — Dr. Matt Kaeberlein on Dog Aging Project, Rapamycin …


Inflame-aging…Nice! :slight_smile:

Not much time for raw science…but I get it, he has to promote the cause, and for that, kudos.

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I noted the current dog aging project being run by MK is using 0.3mg/kg:

whereas the smaller study a few years ago was 0.05-0.1mg/kg :

For a typical 20kg dog (min study dog weight is about 20kg), 0.3mg/kg, that’s a 6mg dose, I believe 3X/week orally.

That’s a tripling of dosing between protocols.

Anyone know why?

No, in the TRIAD study he’s using 0.15mg/kg once per week.

Listen from 1:51:

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So the video link referencing 0.3mg/kg is or is not the TRIAD project? Regardless, the current large MK dog aging project is using 0.15 mg/kg once per week? This is THE definitive dosing protocol?

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I mean when you supervise grad students it means not much time left for lab work yourself