Matt Kaberlein Interview With AgingDoc


Please subscribe to his channel so he gets some traction. I see him as one of true voices in the field of aging and Healthspan.

edit: Meant to say Dr. Kaberlein is one of the true voices and not the agingdoc, even though he is heavily invested in it also, it seems.


Yes, please like and subscribe to AgingDoc’s new video and channel.

Dr. Kaberlein is a rising star in the longevity world. My father told me about an article he read in Prevention magazine in which Dr. Kaberlein rated the best longevity interventions. This was what he said looked most promising.

  1. Rapamycin
  2. Senolytics
  3. Taurine
  4. Genetic Re-programming

I think the first 3 are definitely within reach at this time. The last two need work before they are practical…


It seems to be on its way:

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Do we know if he takes it and what his routine is?

(Same re senolytics)

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I think he doesn’t take it yet, but he feels it has promise. So, he may start taking it in the near future if not already? I guess we could just ask…

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Is this available as an audio download mp3? I looked on listenotes and did not find it.