Man, 100, works out at the gym every day: 'Exercise is better than medicine'


I always get a kick out of these news stories about someone reaching the age of 100+ . . . every single centenarian has some silly stuff they swear is “the reason” why they’ve lived that long. Staying positive / exercising / drinking a shot of whiskey every day / eating peteoleum jelly / being married / NOT being married . . . you name it. I don’t think many of them have any clue why they’ve lived so long.

No one seems to understand what “anecdote” means. This is my favorite news story about someone’s reasoning for reaching old age:


There’s a centenarian who smokes, eats junk food and drinks heavily.

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There are a few common themes though, most seem to have lived a life in moderation and a few of the recent oldest men (maybe women too) seem to have been concentration camp survivors

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Concentration camp survivors = forced caloric restriction.

That’s about the only benefit of that kind of experience.

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