Mammalian Gene Transfer

I thought this was incredibly interesting. I’ve been wondering for a while what might happen if we inserted specific genes from other long lived mammalian species. Definitely something to keep an eye on.


Oh… very cool. Thanks for posting. Now if we can just get some more of those genes responsible for making high molecular weight hyaluronic acid into us, life could be a lot better :wink:

Increased hyaluronan by naked mole-rat Has2 improves healthspan in mice

Abundant high-molecular-mass hyaluronic acid (HMM-HA) contributes to cancer resistance and possibly to the longevity of the longest-lived rodent—the naked mole-rat1,2. To study whether the benefits of HMM-HA could be transferred to other animal species, we generated a transgenic mouse overexpressing naked mole-rat hyaluronic acid synthase 2 gene (nmrHas2 ). nmrHas2 mice showed an increase in hyaluronan levels in several tissues, and a lower incidence of spontaneous and induced cancer, extended lifespan and improved healthspan. The transcriptome signature of nmrHas2 mice shifted towards that of longer-lived species. The most notable change observed in nmrHas2 mice was attenuated inflammation across multiple tissues. HMM-HA reduced inflammation through several pathways, including a direct immunoregulatory effect on immune cells, protection from oxidative stress and improved gut barrier function during ageing. These beneficial effects were conferred by HMM-HA and were not specific to the nmrHas2 gene. These findings demonstrate that the longevity mechanism that evolved in the naked mole-rat can be exported to other species, and open new paths for using HMM-HA to improve lifespan and healthspan.


Well, that would be nice. Then we wouldn’t have to be like Dracula and look for young virgins to obtain our longevity. :smile: