Malpractice coverage for Longevity Doctors

For those of you seeing patients only for lifespan/health span prolonging and are prescribing Rapamycin and/or Dasatinib, do you have malpractice insurance coverage and/or do you have patients sign a waiver?


I have been trying to figure out that problem for myself. My work malpractice won’t cover me for things that fall outside of my scope of practice from what I can tell. I have also heard that waivers just make you feel better and don’t offer any real protection if someone has a bad outcome.


My specialty is Emergency Medicine, so I’m only covered for patients I see in the ER. A separate policy would be prohibitively expensive at this time.


I would ask your malpractice insurance group. Off label Rx’s, I believe from previous research, do not need special waivers. For Rx’s that do not have an FDA approval for any indication (Experimental) a waiver makes sense and I think is good practice for your patients to be clear on what level of risk they are taking, but agree that probably not any extra protection. Reaching out to some of the vendors that work with A4M may find a malpractice coverage option specifically for longevity practices.

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Im in Psychiatry, same boat

I am a Med/Peds physician and do not do any anti aging in my practice besides being a zealot for statins, whey protein and heavy exercise. But I figure the only way you could be sued if doing longevity medications is if someone dies……:rofl::rofl: