Luteolin: A Flavonoid that Has Multiple Cardio-Protective Effects and Its Molecular Mechanisms


They say the dosage should be 10mg/kg so for me 700mg. It’s around a buck a dose.

I wonder if the liposomal does any good.

I took this for awhile after lustgarten’s video about CD38. It inhibits. Thanks,

Luteolin is an underappreciated substance. (Just like Taurine, until the recent study came out.) Inhibiting CD38 is a relevant target for improving health span. But I don’t have data that can convince me which is the better one, Apigenin or Luteolin.
Charles Brenner is a co-writer in the study below.

“Deletion of CD38 decreased LPS-induced inflammatory responses and glial activation. Pre-administration of apigenin, a flavonoid with CD38 inhibitory activity, or nicotinamide riboside (NR), an NAD+ precursor, increased NAD+ level, and significantly suppressed induction of cytokines and chemokines, glial activation and subsequent neurodegeneration after LPS administration. In cell culture, LPS-induced inflammatory responses were suppressed by treatment of primary astrocytes or microglia with apigenin, NAD+, NR or 78c, the latter a specific CD38 inhibitor. Finally, all these compounds suppressed NF-κB signaling pathway in microglia. These results suggest that CD38-mediated neuroinflammation is linked to NAD+ consumption and that boosting NAD+ by CD38 inhibition and NR supplementation directly suppress neuroinflammation in the brain.”


It’s interesting that some of the most protective substances aren’t pure antioxidants, like some supplements, but are more dual role anti inflammatory and antioxidant, like blueberry for instance. And luteolin.