Low WBC before starting rapamycin a concern?

I have delayed starting the Sirolimus tablets in my cupboard because I always have a low white blood cell count - right at the bottom of normal. The bumpf I’ve read suggests that rapamycin can lower WBC. Does anyone have any experience of this? A decrease or increase? I have CFS and am working up the confidence to get started!

I saw no change in white cell count.

Here’s my blood panel before

and 3months after taking rapamycin

Lymphocytes are marked as low even though they are now higher than before taking rapa. I used different lab and I guess either each has their own set of ranges or the range changed. Either way rapa has had no significant effect. Lipids are a different story.

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That is really encouraging to see. Thank you very much for showing me those figures. I really appreciate it.

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My nephew (38) has CFS–he has a very strong reaction to rapamycin --1 mg wipes him out for several days.
He seems to do better with lowdose naltrexone–4.5mg once a day.
We are all ApoE4 carriers, one marker, which is why we are on rapamycin/sirolimus. There are some very encouraging stories of recovery from CFS with rapamycin , I hope you have that response🙏

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My Lymphocytes are low on Rapa but I don’r have pre Rapa labs to compare unfortunately.

My Neutrophils were knocked below range on Rapa but bounced back higher than the pre Rapa level when I took a break from it.
All other wbc types were largely unchanged for me.

That’s very interesting. Thanks. I wonder if those levels will maintain for a period of time. Are you going back on rapamycin again?

I am low on WBC and have not noticed a difference from Rapa.

That’s good to know. Thank you.