Looking for journal articles on pharmacokinetics of rapamycin

Sorry to start another thread, but I didn’t want to hijack other ones. This paper consistently comes up in discussions of trying to find an optimal dosing strategy:

It’s relatively unique in that it was looking at single dose metrics, not attempting to achieve a particular “therapeutic trough” (e.g., through daily administration). It’s a great start, but it’s also 23 years old and the subjects were all healthy young white men. There are significant differences in how male and female rats/fruit flies respond to rapamycin (will update with cites later). I have been unable to find any data on rapamycin pharmacokinetics that compare, e.g., female humans to male ones; older (healthy) humans to younger ones; humans with different ethnic/genetic backgrounds to others, etc.

I’m keenly interested in this right now, because based on my first round of testing, my rapamycin absorption is much lower than the healthy young males, and/but also my clearance rate is way faster (computed half life of 14 hours) initially (first day), then in line with the healthy male study (computed half life of 58 hours).


We all wonder about the dose and it is all over the place. I began at 6mg for 1 1/2 years . Moved to 10-12mg for 2 months - then went on about 31-36mg for 7 months. My biological aging markers went from very low (showing me younger) to higher showing me aging at a faster rate on the higher dose (31-36mg). I have since gone done to 12mg every 8-9 days. Waiting to see what my TruDiagonsitic shows at this dose for the past 3 months.

Based on multiple Labcorp tests, I tend to absorb rapamycin at a higher amount 6 - 7x’s the dose when taken with GFJ. My half-life and processing it out of my system is what is expected also based on my Labcorp trough numbers.

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Population Pharmacokinetics of Sirolimus in Healthy Chinese Subjects

Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Sirolimus

Full Paper: https://sci-hub.wf/10.2165/00003088-200140080-00002

Clinical Pharmacology for Sirolimus - FDA Data:


Another healthy population half life / pharmacokinetics paper:

and perhaps of interest: