Longevity pop up mini-city experiment in Montenegro with Vitalik in May

[OFFER] Longevity pop up mini-city experiment!! In Montenegro, March 25 - May 25, 200-400 interesting people. Live in a community dedicated to maximizing longevity both in lifestyle but also in technology development. Nucleating a possible longevity network state.

  • Ideally stay for two months, but can do shorter stays. (May 5 - 15 will be a major longevity / biotech focus).
  • Nathan Cheng aiming to be there May 5 - 15 ish.

More info: Dropbox - Zuzalu-details.pdf - Simplify your life form: Zuzalu Application Form(waitlist right now, but they are working to expand capacity!)

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You should mention that Nathan Cheng is the founder of the Longevity Biotech Fellowship program…

I decided to go. I was extremely split on coming to the very very end, but came because of localized residual sadness from the infamous nicotine overdose of 2022 + low airfare + multiple people telling I should go (and making it easy for me) b/c otherwise I wouldn’t have at last minute

[coming to SF for Foresight helped heal me a lot from that OD, but didn’t heal me completely]. It took so much time for me to “heal enough” to be even 50% functional again. :frowning: :frowning: [I mean, compared to *other serious accidents*, it’s “nothing”, but my neural architecture is configured in a way to amplify certain kinds of suffering, esp b/c the “weird energy” leading to the nicotine overdose ramifications had to be completely “wiped out” - never mind that I *do* have Vyvanse now and this should prevent *any* nicotine overdoses ever again - nevermind that I generally dislike nicotine]


Please report back on how its going… would love to get your opinions on anything new you learned.


Longevity event came at the tail-end of a crypto X alignment event (that ppl like Simeon_cps and Jessica Taylor and Tarun Chitra attended). There was supposedly a party with Grimes on that Sunday I missed.

I met Gary Sheng at the first breakfast (he does gitcoin PR and someone said he had the best webpage ever [idk if i agree]). I met some of the “alternative states/governance” people but not deeply

First catching up with Minicircle people (they are personally very important to me)

Catching up with the LEVF team - Caitlin Lewis is SO important and sensible (want to know her better) - she is more understanding of neurodiversity than most biologists!! I may be invited to the Ireland longevity conference in August.

She reminds me SO much of https://www.linkedin.com/in/haylee-johnson-b9682b202/ . She also remarked that she took an instant liking to me after meeting me the first time on Monday May 8

Also caught up with gero.ai team (and gerosense team) - their team might relocate to Serbia and then the US to get more funding. I think they want to find more funding from adventurous VCs

Some updates with the “Vassarites” (who also came)

And with Anton Kulaga and Newton Winter (who both offered to re-sequence my nebula genomics genome => convert to a more reliable vcf file) => also they need to rework on the PRS score algorithm

There are some Humanity Inc people who came, as did a grad student [Kristen] at UCLA who reminds me of a new Morgan Levine (Kristen).

Lots of exposure to Eastern Europeans (which is important - Eastern Europeans don’t have many of the cultural hangups/“need to be qualify or be apologetic” that Westerners do)

It’s not quite as advertised (in the sense that people are not really practicing pro-longevity practices there - the food is certainly not the most pro-longevity food possible [I saw people eat pizza dinners], and there aren’t enough pure vegetables => it’s mostly Lustica Bay resort food).

Some people went off for low-friction epigenetic age testing (and Humanity and Glycanage) testing - there were too few kits to distribute

A lot of bioinformaticians there! (even if not many GRC-like scientists). And meeting more of the VitaDAO extended team

There is the standard “people who talk more than they do” crowd [there’s def a group of “longevity groupies” who go to ALL the foresight/VitaDAO/LBF events that they can get ahold of], but ultimately bandwidth is limited by the amount of people you can talk to in a day, and there is more than enough of them to overwhelm the “longevity advocacy talkers” crowd)

Two events: One is the basic “longevity zero to one” event, and the second is the “biotech investing thing” (the one that Joe/Jean Hebert/etc go to)

Peter Fedichev being there means A LOT


Many people are staying for several weeks (well beyond conference lengths) - which gives more room for chance unforced encounters with people over time [gives you time to digest why you want to meet someone before you force an interaction on them - this is important for me b/c I adopted “why greatness cannot be planned” (a very Taoist/“unforced approach”) as my profile picture].


I didn’t get much distracted by the crypto people (too much noise), but some of the core Vassar/AI objectives crowd I did engage with at some level (nice to have it without forced interactions!)

Coworking space is REALLY NICE (with external monitors to plug laptop to)

It also helped me recover a lot from my serious accident/nicotine overdose last year (that’s part of the reason LN prodded me to go [eastern europe ALWAYS helps b/c it is more decorrelated with the west than other parts of the west are])…

*Michael Vassar has a baby in a baby cradle…" [for all the controversies and antisocial behavior he may have had caused to a certain community when he was younger, I think his having a family now makes him way lower-risk than he was before]. I overheard him saying that “controlling agents smarter than you” is what power-players do to nerds right now… He talks a lot to the “sensemaking” Daniel S

[there was a soundbath event yesterday that I msised due to seleping in dmanit]

God time flies so fast during this event… It’s not at all like previous times when I travel and when time feels to SLOW/the days seem to prolong a bit.

Also for a longevity-focused event, they could AT MINIMUM use plastic-free coffee cups… at least they label them “containing plastic” unlike the US…

[I also saw Vitalik several times but did not approach]


https://www.linkedin.com/in/heye-gross/ mgiht be one of the biggest surprises of the event (I know his LinkedIn isn’t updated, but he’s working on updated GPT4 for “plug and play” interfaces that organically adapt to the user based on the user’s interface patterns). He finds bioelectricity and longevity (Ben Anderson talk) interesting

[May 13 and a lot of coffee early today helped me stay alert, I was not feeling well previous days EVEN on the day I tried vyvanse]

You can treat this like a coworking space/grouphouse where “interesting things happen all the time” (and where nearby accomodation is VERY cheap - this being montenegro). Even at college campuses [even the MIT Media Lab] it’s not quite the same (b/c there are still too many people at them and there are no desk-monitor combinations - people here tend to have “more of a name” to themselves than random college students do). The closest analogues are Arcadia House.

There are a lot of digital nomad Europeans like https://www.linkedin.com/in/skakoon/ and Newton Winter who participated in the hackathon (which was mostly crypto people and zk-SNARK people and very localist people but ONE longevity person)


I’ve been at Zuzalu for a week now, after being convinced to go there by a few friends (Alex being one of them). It’s been quite an interesting and unusual experience for me.

One thing I find very exciting about the whole thing is the idea, proposed by some people here, to turn Montenegro into a Longevity biotech hub where regulations would be created to make an environment with more freedom for scientific experiments in the longevity industry as well as an attractive environment for investors in the space. I encourage people to sign this new petition to support that initiative: Petition · Zuzalu Declaration on Longevity Biotech (LongBio) · Change.org


It took me a week to really say this, but it’s unequivocally worth it for me now.

(I only really realized once I saw their telegram server => which makes coordination SO MUCH EASIER).

It’s such a low-stress way to see if you vibe with many of the other randos (crypto people and network-states-people) over time. Over time. Even though most of what I do is coworking and the scene that I like the most isn’t the one that is advertised.

And they seem reasonably high-quality enough (like higher on average than Burning Man, though idk about the extremes). Crypto attracts a lot of noise and I’ve seen enough of it flame out that I"m by-default unsure about the value prop of most of the projects, but even then, developers within it are high-quality

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Did the turn-out for the event look good enough that they will plan another one next year?

There are already discussions about having a Zuzalu event again. The question seems to not be if, but where (many countries are a possibility) and when.

It was interesting to follow it. It would be difficult for me to take time out from everything I am doing to go to something like that, however.

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If you do remote work, most of your workflow is still preserved (hell, you can have the environment kind of take care of you + make exercise easy while you’re there). Mostly they need a crypto-friendly jurisdiction.

This isn’t burning man or vibecamp, it’s more work-oriented (but still fun)

They have to do it in a crypto-friendly jurisdiction, which the US/Canada are not quite clearly ones.

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I do a wide range of things ncluding live gigs, driving children to and from school and various commercial things some of which require me to be present. Hence although I do a lot of remote work I cannot easily travel and continue to do most of the things I do.

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I got to sit in through a VitaDAO dealflow meeting.

Then I fell asleep for like 3-4 hours b/c I wasn’t feeling that well (I have a slight cold)

It’s nice to finally meet up with many of the “groupies” from the original early SENS crowd (José Luis Cordeiro [2 years after Peter Diamandis at MIT], who wasn’t originally an immortalist but who met Aubrey in 2003 when teaching energy and environmental resources at Singularity University => then got onto the immortalist pathway)

Also https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariaentraigues/ and her partner (she works on partnerships with SENS and credits Aubrey with jumpstarting her career. Aubrey basically gave the equivalent of mentorly love to her). Her partner did NAD testing startup and like hired 9 PhDs [until it got shuttered by COVID] and said that NAD degrades VERY quickly after one takes a blood sample [like 50% of the sample is oxidized/damaged by X hours].

A lot of them know the Bill Falloon RAADfest crowd (RAADfest is $500) and the life-extension supplements crowd. That early longevity crowd is also very important too, even if it isn’t taken seriously by scientists (WHICH IS OKAY).

A lot of people at early SENS have had weird backgrounds and Aubrey recognized them.

I wish I discovered this group earlier, it would have done so much for my direction and emotional stability from being lost for so long, and my emotional stability still hurts from my being lost.

It’s nice when Aubrey calls me “important to the field”, even though he only got a chance to really know me there in Montenegro (and he didn’t remember me from some past interactions)…

Anton Kulaga is such a dedicated and friendly bioinformatician in Romania…

[A lot of them are connected with the early transhumanist/Singularity University crowd - the Max More/Natasha More + David Wood crowd in England - which hosted many transhumanist summits in England] but who don’t seem to be as noticeable today as they used to be.

It’s really sad that all my online presence never got me properly discovered/recognized - I have to fly out and meet people in order to finally be discovered for once, and this made me so limited back when most of my interactions were online-only… (tbf I didn’t really sync with anyone when I did come to Undoing Aging at Berlin). it has to be a more relaxed/spread-out (and spacey) setting for it to work.

They will have a new summit in Ireland which is where they’ll bring some of the new transhumanists and a lot of the mainstream scientists.

And I only heard of Gustavo Barja, who does aging research in Madrid (Serrano was in Madrid up to 5 years ago). I guess for Spanish longevity, the point of contact is Jose Luis.


Some other ppl, like


are also there (might meet tomorrow)

I know Jessica Taylor and Roko (of Roko’s Basilisk) and others came.

Vitalik said hi to me today


Tell him to put more money into longevity!


Some coverage of the event:

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As we talked, Leger made it clear she was not particularly happy about my presence. When I asked her what the highlight of the event was for her, she told me it was the lack of media coverage.

I’m not sure I understand the persuasion of talking like that to the media.

More press coverage:

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