Longevity Interviews

Hey there,
We’re Biotein, a youth-run longevity startup focused on a future where age-related diseases no longer exist. We are currently developing an at-home saliva test to help people get more specific information about their cellular health which can guide them into living a healthy lifestyle to postpone or prevent age-related pathologies.
We are conducting 30-minute interviews of individuals interested in the longevity and healthy lifestyle industries in order to pinpoint the specific needs of our customers. We will use the insight from these interviews to guide our company’s path as we launch.
If you are interested in participating, please schedule a time with us to have a virtual call using this link: Calendly - Biotein
We appreciate your time, and look forward to talking to you!

Hi - and welcome to the site. We want to help any company trying to move the state of longevity science forward.

I see you guys have a blog:

and a personal site:


and the company site, and the company is based in Toronto:

So - I encourage people to participate.