Longevity Biotech Landscape, by Ada Nguyen

I highly recommend this new blog post by Ada Nguyen to help people make sense of the longevity biotech world, and for people to understand more generally where the longevity therapeutics field is focused, and to help people understand the new drugs and therapies that are in development.

Ada was a valuable contributor to VitaDAO, has worked as a consultant in the cellular rejuvenation part of the longevity field, and is now working on her own new longevity biotech therapeutics company.

Navigating the idea maze of longevity biotech can be a daunting task. Although comprehensive databases like Longevity List and AgingBiotech.info offer valuable information on various companies, it is still challenging to see the big picture and identify established or unexplored paths. To pinpoint such areas, it’s important to know what strategies there are and which have not been explored commercially – information not reflected in the databases.

To address these challenges, this post aims to provide a survey of all different scientific approaches in longevity biotech. Beginning with a broad overview of the entire landscape, we will delve deeper into each approach and scope out under-explored areas with promising potential.

Table of Contents

  1. 1. Landscape overview
  2. 2. Reset and repair
  3. 3. Replace
  4. 4. Reprogram
  5. 5. Discovery


A news story on the Longevity Biotech market:

According to de Magalhães, there are more than 2,000 genes that modulate longevity and over 1,000 drugs and compounds that are associated with slowing the aging process. He stated that “Resveratrol, rapamycin, and metformin are the most studied longevity drugs, but the lifespan effects are much greater and more consistent for rapamycin than for resveratrol so this is of growing interest.

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