Longevity Biohacking the Best Way Forward?

Saw this today on Twitter and thought “What other options are there really?”. What are your thoughts?

Another interesting thing about Pankaj Kapahi, I’ve seen him say he takes 1mg per day of rapamycin (I think for 5 out of 7 days, per week). I’m not sure of his rationale behind this dosing. I hope I can talk to him about it at the Longevity Summit in December.


Looking at my biomarkers I appeared to have improved the function of a number of organs and I think functional tests are the key for the measurement of increasing healthspan.

At the moment there are a wide range of views as to what works. Some things are known, but I think we are some distance off getting a consensus. Hence to be an effective biohacker takes quite a bit of work in reading papers and coming to your own conclusions.

I think this forum is helpful in people who are generally well informed being able to share their experiences. I do think this really needs to go a bit further with some form of consistent recording of data from biohackers in order to get solid conclusion.


When/if you talk to him pls ask when he takes the next dose after 5 days of taking Rapa.