Longevity Advice from the Oldest Living Person

117 years and still going strong…

Someone should tell her about Rapamycin.news!

Actually, I wonder if we could get a centenarian to take Rapamycin? Would it rejuvenate them noticeably? Like how a 16 year old terrier jumps around when it should have died of old age? We could get Maria running a marathon… :wink:


I’m pretty unconvinced about the research of social ties and longevity.

One reason is that the effect seems small, such as here, showing a benefit of about 2 years:

Another reason to doubt is that in many studies, including the above study, the results are unadjusted for many related factors, like health factors (is being married making you healthy or is being healthy making you more likely to marry). In the above study,

Selection bias was a large contributor to longer life expectancy among married persons.

Finally, there are a lot of people who are happier and less mentally stressed when people aren’t around much. How about a study of introverts and extroverts?

reversing the usual pattern,

mortality rates during the pandemic appeared to be higher for very extroverted individuals (HR=1.15, 95% CI 0.77–1.71) and lower for those who were very introverted (HR=0.70, 95% CI 0.43–1.14)

I believe we should just be as sociable as we want to be, and not believe any certain level is better for health and lifespan.


I’m patient and believe with enough time multiple forum members currently taking rapamaycin will reach 100 and beyond!


That’s my goal… however, my propensity for fast cars and exciting experiences could undo my life span efforts. I’ll be 66 years in one month and certainly have strength… stamina and mental abilities of a person much younger.

In Milano, Italy driving a Ferrari F8 Tributo (cost about $350,000). Chump change!