Living in Privately Rented Homes Increases Epigenetic Age

I have lost faith in epigenetic age tests after reading this…

Housing has twice the effect of obesity???

The study concluded: “Our finding that tenure is associated with faster ageing at nearly half the rate of that associated with current smoking and twice that with obesity suggests that our results may have clinical significance.

They are meme tests. I don’t think they work. They are most likely a waste of money. What does work is as usual, a drug that improves healthspan/longevity in other animals, or in humans, based on randomized controlled trials, genetic evidence, and in many cases with solid mechanistic data.

Of course every movement will have a fringe beliving in some form of pseudoscience/astrology. In most cases I think it’s because people are desperate and take things too far rather than just using the best there is and moving on with life.

I think psychological wellbeing is much ignored and undervalued in longevity, aging, life and most importantly healthspan.


Agreed, Noticing (and this might very well be psychosomatic, but for our purposes it doesn’t matter) an improvement in my well-being from taking Selegiline 1.25mg (second day). My neuropathic pain on my face is also significantly reduced (MS spinal cord lesion consequence):

MAO-B Inhibitor, KDS2010, Alleviates Spinal Nerve Ligation-induced Neuropathic Pain in Rats Through Competitively Blocking the BDNF/TrkB/NR2B Signaling - The Journal of Pain (



Socioeconomic status well known contributor to health. No news here. But then what do you expect from The Guardian.

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