Live ZOOM Program tomorrow with Tally Health / Dr. David Sinclair

Not sure how they got my email… maybe the University of Washington rapa user list.

But, excited for Tally Health’s opportunity to hear and ask questions to Dr. Sinclair. All things health, aging and longevity. Dec. 1st 3:15 pm eastern time.

Will follow-up here if anything new comes out.

Tally health contact:

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Got the same email. Here is the zoom link or click below on the "Join Q&A link near the bottom of this post):

Hi ,

We hope you can join us tomorrow, December 1st at 3:15pm ET. for a Q&A, exclusive to our early community.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions on all things health, aging, and longevity.

Click the button below to access the webinar link.

Note that this is a private session exclusively for you and other early members, and it is not to be shared or recorded.

See you there!


To a better, healthier life,

Tally Health



I wasn’t sure how to open the link to the group. I think there are a few on here with a lot of interest in what David SInclair has to share.

FYI - when I opened your link Join Our Cloud HD Meeting above it did ask for my email - so not sure if it screens out non-invited persons? I put in my email and had instant access, but I am already on the invited list. It told me welcome and meeting starts tomorrow. LOL

You might want to try clicking in advance and seeing if it gives access if you are not on the list.


Well - I was a bit under whelmed by the whole presentation - event.

Rapamycin not really hit upon… kind of all over the place. I sent in a question about his opinion on rapamycin dosing (since he says he uses it). asked if 20-30 ng/mL is needed to get through the blood brain barrier - per other researchers opinion. My question was not addressed.

David Sinclair recommending eating less (once a day - kinda calorie restriction) and not big on animal protein or too much protein - says plants are protein - so he is on a pretty vegetarian diet it seemed.

I kinda disagree on both for older persons like me - we don’t necessarily need less food or less protein. LOL.

Seemed more interested in talking about all his future books deals and how busy he is. Yawn.

Dr. Attia, Dr. Kaeberlein and Dr Blogsklonny… my preference for anti-aging information.