Lists of Anti-aging Drugs Currently in Development and in Clinical Trials

There are three well-known lists of Anti-aging Drugs Currently in Development and in Clinical Trials - they are maintained at varying frequencies, and have slightly different areas of focus.

Here are the links:’s Rejuvenation Roadmap

If you want to know how science is progressing on reversing human aging, you have come to the right place! This curated database aims to compile the most promising rejuvenation therapies and technologies in development and chart their progress in one easy to read format.

We have divided the projects into their corresponding hallmarks of aging (the reasons we age) and clicking on each icon will take you to some more detailed information about each one. The database will be updated on a regular basis ensuring you have the most up to date overview of the rejuvenation biotechnology field. For more information on the clinical trial process check out our article here which explains what the phases mean.

Others (from Karl Pfleger): (which I run) is a table listing companies in the space. It has a 2 relavant columns: (1) A “clinical stage / pipeline” column linking (where possible) directly to the pipeline diagram for each company, showing which indications they are going after and where they are in the process. And (2) a clinical trials column noting how many clinical trials the company has registered on and linking directly to the list of these trials, any of which can then be looked at in more detail. The 42 companies that have entries on the trials registry have a total of 308 trials.

This site was regularly updated until the pandemic and then there was a big pause and now it is being actively updated again. These 2 columns for all companies on the main tab have just now been updated as of the past few days, so the links & info are all up-to-date. But there is a backlog of companies on the “To be considered” tab/subsheet that have yet to be added to the main list, but that will be worked on soon.

Compared to the LEAF/ Rejuvenation Roadmap, there are 2 notable differences: This list considers only trials being run by companies, so trials from Mayo or other entities that aren’t for-profit companies are not represented at all. But the number of companies included is much more comprehensive than what the Rejuvenation Roadmap includes. And there is categorization (just use the categories columns to group the companies by Hallmark, SENS area, or the finer-grained categories the site itself uses.

The 2nd alternative is Nathan Cheng’s which has a tab for clinical trials, but it only has 48 trials listed currently. I guess Nathan hand-selects which trials seem most worthy for each company? Certainly many of the trials listed for a given company via searching are not the most important ones as that finds trials that aren’t even phase 1 and trials that are completed or even withdrawn, so this list is probably more important trials I suspect, but not as comprehensive. And like mine, probably also limited only to company trials. Nathan does update this database from time to time, but I’m not sure how frequently.