Liquid Biopsies a better alternative to traditional?

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Dr Thomas Seyfried, an American professor of biology, genetics, and biochemistry at Boston College says when want to know if you have cancer, “it is vital to understand that that ….for many it would be wise to avoid the biopsy ”.

He warns against doing biopsies, as this procedure may actually cause the cancer to spread . For purposes of diagnosis, a small biopsy sample will often be taken to ascertain whether the tumor is benign or malignant.

The problem is, continues Dr Seyfried, “that when you stab into the cancer microenvironment to remove a part of the tissue, it creates a wound in that microenvironment that in turn elicits the invasion by macrophages and other immune cells. This could turn a potentially benign situation into a malignant one, and if the tumor is malignant, stabbing into it could make a bad situation worse.

At the Budwig Center, we have seen this firsthand. For example, we had a man from Greece who did a biopsy in the lymph nodes near the base of his neck where he has small tumor. The doctors puncture the tumor several times, causing the cancer cells to spread to other parts of the body, especially through the lymphatic system. A week later the tumor had grown to the size of a coconut on the side of his neck. We did all we could for him, but the cancer had now spread through the lymph system, and he died 2 months later.

There is now the emergence of non-invasive diagnostic techniques for tumors, such as liquid biopsy, marks a major step forward for humans on the road to conquering tumors. Liquid biopsy has the advantages of non-invasive, rapid, precise, and especially real-time and samples can be derived from blood, urine, saliva and the like.

Dr Budwig was of the same mind. She stated, “Our bodies are well designed, and the tumor is like a “septic tank” or detoxification factory that absorbs surplus toxins, keeping them out general circulation where they could do harm. Tumors helps your body expel poisons, therefore there is normally no rush to cut it out the tumor is causing a life-threatening situation.”

So, a better question to ask is “why did my body produce a tumor in the first place”? And what is the main cause of cancer and tumors?

At the Budwig Center we will help you find the best way forward using all our different remedies and therapies to deal with any type of cancer and tumors using low risk non-invasive procedures.

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