Lipid-Lowering Nutraceuticals for an Integrative Approach to Dyslipidemia


Thanks for this! I’m super sensitive to statins (muscle soreness), so I take ezetimibe + Praluent (PCSK9 inhibitor). Recently I’ve added citrus bergamot and artichoke extract to get my ApoB even lower, but I’ve been noticing a LOT of excess muscle soreness and decreased ability to recover from weight training workouts. Now I know likely why – both the bergamot and the artichoke inhibit HMG CoA reductase, just like statins :roll_eyes:


How deeply did you evaluate Praulent vs Repatha? Do you have a view on their pros vs cons when compared?

I took the one covered by my insurance, so I didn’t have a choice. They seem fairly equivalent, although there aren’t any head-to-head studies for direct comparison.
I was on Repatha for a couple of years before my insurance changed and required that I switch to Praluent.

I notice that the above paper didn’t mention amla (emblica officinalis) and its significant effect on lipids:

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