Launch of the first Rapamycin podcast - Ross Pelton

I’m both happy and sad in launching “Rapamycin Master Series”. Happy because of all work and time has resultated in this podcast. Sad because one close friend died of cancer and he was only 56 years old. He would haven been proud of me. So this podcast is to honour him. The first guest in the podcast is Ross Pelton who has written the first book about Rapamycin in the longevity field. All feedback is welcomed as always :pray:


This was really good, thank you. I got his book on my kindle.


Great interview. I think that more podcasts like this can make more people to focus on longevity, thereby accelerating the development of longevity technologies. By the way, Krister, I have to say, I didn’t expect you to look so young. Maybe it’s the effect of rapamycin or something.


Glad that you liked the episode. Was it something special about his book that you liked little bit extra? Next episode of the podcast will be with dr Alan Green. Will start video editing that next week.


Big thanks and let’s hope Rapamycin will keep my youthfullness up :slight_smile: It would be great if we as a community could some how speed up the longevity research some how. Any thoughts on how this could be done?


I’m newly interested in longevity and just started rapamycin in January so for me it was a really nice summary. I wouldn’t say I necessarily learned anything new but it was a good read and contains a lot of links to further reading and videos. It does seem geared for beginners like me.


Please post a link to the audio podcast when you get a chance. I primarily listen to podcasts while driving and I think watching video while driving might be bad for longevity. Thanks for doing this.


@Krister_Kauppi, I’m looking forward to your interview with Dr. Green.

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Haha, that would not be the goal that I have with show :slight_smile:

You should be able to find the podcast in most podcast platforms.



Podbay (nice thing with podbay is that it’s possible to download the podcast)

Let me know if you don’t find the podcast and I will try to add it there.



If you or any other one has suggestions on guest just comment here or send me a message.

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The Master on mTOR

David M. Sabatini


Very good suggestion! He must be in the show. Thanks for the suggestion.


Thanks for the links. I grabbed the podcast off of As far as future guests–perhaps a veterinarian of two? I wonder if there are any racehorse vets using Rapa to extend the life (and stud career) of valuable animals. Perhaps a primate vet at a zoo might have some interesting lifespan hacks or observation regarding their often rare or endangered charges.


:+1: Ah, interesting with the horse race vets. I think I heard one podcast about one. Will take a look and see if I can find that episode. If you find any names please let me know.

I’d like to hear you interview David Sinclair but with the focus of the podcast on Rapamycin as opposed to his areas of interest/focus.

As such an eminent player in the field of longevity, I think his insights on Rapa would be especially interesting.

Great first interview too @Krister_Kauppi :clap: :+1:t3:


:+1: David Sinclair would be interesting to get as a guest. I know he has tried rapamycin for a short period of time. So it would be interesting to get his view on the topic etc. I will try to not only get pro-rapamycin guests. I think it’s important to also get the skeptic persons on. Step by step :slight_smile:


Liked and subscribed! Great podcast, many thanks! :blush:


I just wanted to provide a link to Ross Pelton’s book for people. Its a good introduction to rapamycin book for people who don’t spend all their time reading rapamycin information on the internet and who want a clear and concise overview of the topic. Its a good book to give to family and friends who are not longevity fanatics like most of us here:


Excellent interview. Looking forward to your conversation with Dr. Alan Green (my doc) to garner any new information and to re-learn some forgotten tidbits. You’re providing a focused podcast that is much needed.


Big thanks, the goal is to release the episode with Alan Green in the middle of next month. Currently video editing and adding slides to the show :pray:

How long have you been taking Rapamycin?

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