Lamming Rapamycin Blood Study

A Dr. Lamming is doing a study at the University of Wisconsin regarding rapamycin in humans. I think it is simply a blood test for humans using rapamycin to compare to the blood of mice that they have on rapamycin. I will probably volunteer. I think they are just trying to see if rapamycin affects blood work the same in both mice and humans.


I was interviewed over the phone by Dr Cara Green regarding this study. The next step is that someone is supposed to contact me and draw blood, but that was a couple of months ago and there has been no contact. I don’t know if the study was canceled?

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Don’t worry, the same happened to me.

They were very positive with me as as a subject and I haven’t heard anything from them like you since. Lol

I just think they are way behind.


I just interviewed this week and she said it might be a couple months on the blood draw. They are having trouble getting those lined up.

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I’m in too, but my only complaint is that the don’t share ANY of the blood test information with the subjects. I realize there would be some liability concern in case somebody acted on the info and it turned out to be wrong.

Still, why not put that in there? “We’re not liable for your use of this useless information”.

That ought to do it.


I agree - that was one of my questions to Dudley. If you’re getting the information, why not share it with the person. Its interesting data that we might like to track if it seems important. I have this problem with other clinical trials I’m participating in. All they’ll share is the group data (this is on the Plasmapheresis trial I’m participating in).


Those in the study… this just in tonight from Cara Green.

"Dear Jason,

Thank you for your patience. Axle health were having some supply chain issues with the cold packs that we require to ship samples. This issue has now been resolved and if you haven’t already, you should be able to schedule your blood draw using the following link:

All the very best,

Lamming Lab.

Obviously not posting the link for the blood test. Just scheduled my blood draw for Thurs., August 24 the earliest slot based on my address.

So it is moving forward.


I wonder what they’ll do for me out here in the sticks. I told her the situation and offered to use my nurse at my doctor and she said they would hire it done one way or another.

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FYI - When scheduling, I put my home address. And I’m out here a little bit in the sticks too.

Northern Missouri fatm lands, and they would have come out here to my home and taken my blood.

I changed my address to my work address to make it easier on them.

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I got my blood drawn earlier this month, so I guess things are moving. Someone drove 2 hours to get to me, even though I live in an urban area! Anyone else?


No, but glad to hear that they are still alive!

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