L. plantarum FLPL05 Promotes Longevity in Mice

This study aimed to evaluate the effect of oral administration of probiotic Lactiplantibacillus plantarum FLPL05 on the lifespan and intestinal barrier of aged mice. L. plantarum FLPL05 significantly prolonged the lifespan of naturally aged mice, maintained the integrity of intestinal mucosal barrier, and reduced the inflammation level.

The immunohistochemistry results also indicated that L. plantarum FLPL05 promoted the expression of tight junction proteins (ZO-1 and occludin) and reduced the apoptosis of intestinal cells. In addition, L. plantarum FLPL05 and the fermented supernatant increased the activity of HT-29. L. plantarum FLPL05 prolonged the lifespan by improving the health of the intestinal tract after aging and may be a potential probiotic and nutritional supplement for the elderly people.


Nice, I couldn’t find where they find this specific strain but this species is abundant in many fermented foods, which I happen to like…