Krister should interview these guys……

Hi everyone

The first couple of @Krister_Kauppi Master Series podcasts have been fantastic imho!

I think it would also be great to hear from some of the folks on this site too. I would like to see him interview some of these legends (in no particular order) @RapAdmin @Agetron @LaraPo @desertshores
It would be great to hear these guys health journey and insights. I should also acknowledge that some mightn’t want to be interviewed from a privacy perspective and I fully respect that :facepunch:t2::+1:t3:


Who else?


Hahaha… happy to share how I got on the rapamycin band wagon… what I learned that was good… and bad… and my current plans.


Was hoping you might be interested age! I’d love to hear your story :+1:t5:

How about yourself- who else should @Krister_Kauppi interview from Rapamycin News?

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:pray: Very good suggestions! It would be really nice to set up different interesting N=1 interviews and go deep in the area. I have already a list of some potential candidates so just add more suggestion here and I add them to the guest list :pray:


Ah… I suspect that most people here want to hear from the experts - the researchers and doctors who are pushing the science forward (not the regular visitors here like me). All of us here that you mentioned are already pretty involved here and answer questions when we are asked, so I’m not sure much to add via a podcast. Just my thoughts…


Don’t sell yourself short there @RapAdmin - I def agree that hearing from the experts is 100% important but hearing from individuals that have been in the bio-hacking space for a long time could provide an interesting perspective and insights.
I think this is especially true for those of us that have only just started on the journey…….


I fully agree, I think there are probably things in our different N=1:s that can be very interesting to deep dive in. My first sub goal is ten podcast episodes with scientists and physicians. In the end of this month I will have done five interviews so five more to go. So step by step forward :slight_smile:


One thing that might make for an effective video would be to record a conversation between a number of people looking at individual subjects. It may require editing down at the end, but it could bring in some interesting insights.

Its difficult to say.

I have run a youtube channel for quite some time

However, my objective is to only publish something if I think it is novel in some way. I am not in itself trying to build the channel.

If @RapAdmin wanted to run some real time events I would be happy to host a zoom call on my commercial account (commercial accounts for zoom are not that expensive anyway).