Kristen Fortney: Longevity expert who studied people who live to 110 on how humanity and AI will master aging

Kristin Forney, the Canadian transplant who is leading BioAge Labs in the San Francisco Bay Area:

CNBC: VCs and pharmaceuticals are starting to pay more attention to the science of longevity. Why the sudden shift in interest?

Fortney: Aging is the primary cause of many chronic diseases, including devastating illnesses like cancers and Alzheimer’s. We’ve known that for a long time, but in recent years, science has advanced to the point that we’re confident we can do something about it. Researchers have discovered multiple interventions that can increase healthy longevity in animal models, showing that healthspan can be extended. At the same time, technological progress has given us unprecedented understanding of human aging, as well as the ability to translate this knowledge into therapeutics. Targeting aging will enable us to treat disease in entirely new ways. As awareness of that potential grows, it is attracting intense interest in the sector.


It’s a nice next step, but it’s still incrementalist and PROBABLY won’t do much for many of the healthiest people who are already doing rapamycin+CR (though a subsection of them might discover hidden problems)

I mean, compared with ALL OF MEDICINE in the past, it’s a wonderful next step and would help save $$'s on healthcare for the general population (it is way more revolutionary for healthcare/medicine [if it works] than it is for basic biology of aging)

Also why doesn’t she partner with SomaLogic or the proteomics things?

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