Just began dosing - shorter intervals

I just started a Rapa regimen to test it out, as I’d read too many positive studies (in mice) and wanted to try it - 2mg, 3x per week on T,W,Th.

Seems like most everyone here does the dosing at higher levels with longer intervals in between. I’m a bigger guy - 220lbs, exercise pretty regularly, eat mostly non-processed food. All my CBC/lipid levels were pretty good prior to starting - glucose 96, cholesterol 179, good HDL/LDL levels, etc.

Wondering if there are any pros or cons to mine?

Hi, welcome to the site, and thanks for posting.

Generally we try to dose less frequently because it seems that the side effects that we want to avoid with rapamycin (immune system lowering, etc) are generally believed to be due to inhibition in the mTORc2 system which happens slowly with regular dosing (like the daily or every few days like you’re taking) - so most doctors are prescribing once a week or even once every two week dosing.

So - I believe what the doctors would say is that the “con” to your dosing protocol is more risk of adverse reactions. Your dosing schedule is more similar to that used by organ transplant patients who want to have the immune system down-regulation.

I’m not aware of any “pros” of the shorter dosing period. As for myself - I usually take 10mg/week but I’ve experimented with 20mg once every two weeks (I’m about 160lbs/70 kilos in weight) and I had no negative side effects. I have similar food/eating and bloodwork as you (though I have higher cholesterol). I’m considering going back to the 20mg / every two weeks or so.

What was the rationale for your shorter dosage intervals?

If you haven’t already, read the Q&A about rapamycin dosing schedules and protocols.

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Thanks for the reply. I did see the dosing schedule - guess I was just working my way up - I was taking 1mg 3x per week at first, now doing 2mg 3x. Might settle into 6mg once every 10 or 14 days, depending on how I feel. I think the Rapa ‘vacation’ is a good idea. Will probably do 2 or 3 months dosing then 6-8 weeks off…


I recommend you check out this video interview with Dr. Green and the discussion around mTORc1 and mTORC2 and why rapamycin is dosed weekly or on longer periods:

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Dr. Alan Green reported verbally that he takes 20mg of rapamycin every two weeks. This was on a YouTube video on the Modern Healthspan channel.
Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny takes 20 mg every two weeks also. He reported this on a tweet in June 2021. He retweeted the original tweet a few months later.
I have been following their example. I am 70 years old and weigh 165lbs - 5ft 10inches tall.

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@dlhanson Welcome to the site, and thanks for posting your information.
So - you are up to 20mg rapamycin every two weeks. How is it going for you? Any side effects that you’ve noticed? How about any benefits you’ve noticed so far?

Thank you for the welcome - no side effects including no discernible benefits. I have been taking Rapamycin for about 15 months. I discontinued it for 2 months around the time I was vaccinated against Covid-19.

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