Joy Kong escaped China, wrote a book, has a great YouTube channel, and says a lot about stem cell therapies. AND A VERY GRACEFUL AGER

She said women with sons have some Y chromosome mosaicism that increases resistance to Alzheimer’s… also autoimmunity

Dr. Joy Kong featured on cover of EP Magazine | Stem Cell Treatment in Los Angeles, CA |.

Like Maria abramson she seems to age well. She born in 1971 (though she also clearly injects a lot in her face so…)

She talks a lot about peptides too

She says they can only divide 76 times

And she’s way more sensible than Christian drapeau. Drapeau is great at explaining stem cells but he’s not aware enough of the risk of increasing stem cell blood counts NEAR TERM

But she also uses ozone therapy…

More than anyone she is good at arguing against banking one’s own stem cells

Ppl in their 40s have 1/4 the level of stem cells as those in their teens