Isoconazole Cream for Rapamycin Acne Works!

Well, I tried isoconazole on the acne from Rapamycin. It works! For the new rashes at least. The cream had no effect on older more established acne. I highly recommend everyone buy a bottle of isoconazole cream and apply it on their neck and hands and forearms at the first sight of acne!

I wish I had found this out sooner! Therefore I am starting a new topic to make others aware of this since I think it’s quite important and time is of the essence for this issue.


I’ll try it myself and report back. Unfortunately, the acne has been persistent while I’ve been on rapamycin (5-6mg per week). I’ve tried other antifungals, but not isoconazole. I use a mild antibacterial and exfoliating soap, which seems to help, but it doesn’t resolve the issue.

I switched to a larger biweekly dose, and my acne has gone away.

Thanks. That’s good to know. I may switch to a higher, fortnightly dose before trying isoconazole. I’ve been on the weekly dose for 16 months, so it’ll be interesting to observe any other changes.