Is vegan collagen powder just as glycine-heavy/effective as non-vegan collagen powder?


I can’t stand the thought of eating animals

brad stanfield recommends them and I trust that mothafucker.

As it is said…

Trust, But verify, verify and verify.

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The ingredients in that are a very long way from the building blocks of collagen. Many of them are needed to make collagen…zinc, vit. C, etc…but no amino acids or immediate precursers to serve as basic building blocks. So since you eat no meat/fish you need to get the basics…mainly glycine and proline (amino acids) from veggies, eggs, dairy. Given your healthy diet you likely get them…and also very likely get the ancillary ingredients that are in this mixture. Except, of course no camu-camu or tremelia mushroom extract which I bet you can live without.