Are there sources of vegetarian/non-vertebrate collagen powder just as effective as vertebrate collagen?


I can’t stand the thought of eating animals

brad stanfield recommends them and I trust that mothafucker.


As it is said…

Trust, But verify, verify and verify.


The ingredients in that are a very long way from the building blocks of collagen. Many of them are needed to make collagen…zinc, vit. C, etc…but no amino acids or immediate precursers to serve as basic building blocks. So since you eat no meat/fish you need to get the basics…mainly glycine and proline (amino acids) from veggies, eggs, dairy. Given your healthy diet you likely get them…and also very likely get the ancillary ingredients that are in this mixture. Except, of course no camu-camu or tremelia mushroom extract which I bet you can live without.


Brad Stanfield says “short chain” over “long chain” - New Collagen Human Study Shows Skin Age Reversal! - YouTube

I want low methionine collagen, not the pea protein crap where they put everything in.

Knowing how farm animals are grown/raised, I feel nothing but pure disgust at the thought of having byproducts of their bones or carcasses incorporated into my body (in a similar way that I feel nothing but disgust at the thought of eating the flesh/bone broth of a sumo wrestler or the flesh of the least hygienic most disgusting human being) - most farm animals are overweight/sickly (JUST b/c of how they were bred).

The key combo is glycine, proline, lysine, and (maybe) hydroxyproline.

It’s easy enough to get vegan sources of these alone. Amino acids are broken down before they can be used in anabolism. Is there any reason why one can just take the building blocks?

example of vegan “collagen” - . But this doesn’t list all the ingredients (eg no hydroxyproline?) It adds a bunch of extra “fluff”. I want one that’s just bare stripped to amino acids + hyaluronic acid and doesn’t contain pro-calorie filler (esp one that is minimal-methionine b/c it’s good to maximize glycine to methionine ratio)

sigh, at least I still have perfect skin, so I still have time where I don’t need this (preparing for the future though).

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Your view on this is based on?

Those are the most important constituents of collagen.

Anyways, they are not the pro-aging amino acids. Those are the BCAAs (esp isoleucine), methionine, and possibly and only in a few isolated studies tryptophan.

Though [THIS IS ONLY ANTS] says

We further tested diets with all amino acids under-represented except one, finding that methionine, serine, threonine and phenylalanine are especially harmful.

Serine is impt for reducing homocysteine…

The amino acid source had a strong effect on mortality: ants fed on free amino acid diets lived half as long as those feeding on whole proteins (p < 0.001; electronic supplementary material, table S1; figure 1a–d). Nutrient concentration ([P + C]) had no effect on survival (p = 0.123; figure 1a,c; electronic supplementary material, table S1 and figure S2).

this important though

Collagen is only naturally found in animal products. There is literally no such thing as “plant collagen”, the collagen structure literally does not exist in the plant genome.

I suppose you could use genetically-engineered organisms to produce it, but it’s probably going to be impractically expensive for most people to get a comparable product (literally no standards) if it even exists and the scammy corporate vegan industry is probably going to sell you pea protein by obscuring ingredients.

It appears you aren’t familiar with the potential mechanisms of animal-type collagen peptides based on the increases in bloodstream or sampling of animal-type collagen peptides by the immune system (albeit mostly sponsored studies, so it may need independent reproduction). Even if it’s some other “plant peptides” - there is an extremely low chance amino acid “blocks” given in these vegan brands will become a collagen molecule unless you look very carefully.

Not to mention, CR can reduce collagen production, as well as veganism and higher cortisol levels. We know wound healing (type I collagen synthesis) is impaired. Very consistently reproduced in literature. You can’t tell from looking at someone over a few years - I’d use something like laser confocal microscopy to actually detect collagen synthesis changes in the skin.

Why make things so impractical? I just take collagen peptides directly (frequently third-party tested for negligible levels of contaminants ie heavy metals)


I’ve just figured jellyfish is acceptable ESO bc it has no brains and no one cares about overfishing jellyfish. Same as sea urchins. Jellyfish have a lot of collagen too

Jellyfish also aren’t disgusting

I’m still very very skittish about departing too far from vegetarianism but eggs have long been ok for


In addition it’s sweetened with stevia. I don’t eat anything sweet and hate stevia taste. There’s nothing ideal.

Didn’t you say you wanted to avoid microplastics? Jellyfish & sea cucumber seem to be exceptionally great at accumulating them as opposed to moderate to larger fish fillets.


The problem with skin and nails is that i don’t know of any objective way of quantifying skin and nail health. I do measure nail growth, but health is a different issue. There is also visia scan for facial skin health.

However, we do have photos:


Bryan Johnson just mentions that this is the ONLY non-vegan thing he takes.

collagen peptides for periods of high bone growth…

undenatured type II collagen specifically works for joint health

He says Type II collagen like bone broth and gelatin.

Types II and III collagen are not in eggs/eggshells (like Vegetarian Collagen Peptides - Ancient Nutrition | Dr. Axe ) - these are the two types I’m more concerned for

Also read her book “Deep Nutrition”. She does fall a bit too much into the anti-(canola oil) hype, but otherwise it’s a book that has many interesting examples, even if not longevity-focused.

My general anti-death guideline is “don’t eat anything that has a face”. I have a strong aversion to ALL FORMS OF death, which is why I’m vegetarian AND into longevity. Mussels/jellyfish/echinoderms do not have a face, so I’m more okay with eating them. Eggshells are okay

You know, the weird thing is that the amino acids in collagen are super-orthogonal to the pro-mTOR anti-longevity amino acids like BCAAs and methionine… If SOME amino acids can help suppress appetite, maybe supplementing them alone could give MOST of the longevity benefits of protein restriction without the downsides of total protein restriction…

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Jellatech Reaches Major Milestone By Confirming Cell-Based Collagen Success

Jellatech Latest News

It will happen within a few years (18 months from 2022, but I know timelines often get delayed). Hopefully soon enough so I still have perfect skin when it finally comes out (maybe just in time)

[it’s crazy how long it took for me to discover this - only from an effective altruism slack did I finally get the pointer)

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