Is there a maximum level of glucose you can pee out each day on canagliflozin and why? How many grams of sugar is the maximum you pee out on canagliflozin

Like would you pee more on 500 than 300 mg canagliflozin?

Do you pee out only a little more on 300 vs 150?

the maximum value measured by rupa labs is 2100 mg/dl, but this is actually very small (if you pee out 1L per day, that translates to 21g, or 84 cal per day). I measured that, but I’m still at a loss of how high it could go


Thought about buying glucose test strips and measuring volume of pee in comparison to the glucose content?

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I take Empagliflozin 25mg which is equavlient 300 of canagliflozin for 2 yrs. It is not the volume of urine, but the amount of glucose removed in the kidneys. Appx 35%. My urinalysis shows glucose levels off the charts. I also take acarbose 100mg with meals. Here is a study comparing sglt2 inhibitors with Empagliflozin recommended, also cheaper

SGLT2 Inhibitors | Diabetes UK.

“%. My urinalysis shows glucose levels off the charts”

how much?

3rd day after end of canagliflozin( tho 2.5 days after more accurate): 733.0 mg/dl sugar in urine, or 29 calories per liter

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3.47 liters of blood in someone of my body size

that’s 3391.5 mg, or 3.4 g of glucose in my blood at any time, assuming 95 mg/dl average BG…

And I’m peeing over 21g/day of it on canagliflozin, which means quite a number of glucose exchanges.

Small body size also means worse glucose spikes from the same amount of fruit calories…