Is the first dose of Rapa often the strongest?

I tried Rapamycin in January, I took a single dose each week, stating with 1mg in the first week and increasing by 1mg each week. I found the effects to be noticeably strong. Amoungst the key mprovements I noticed were vastly better attention span including better long term goal planning, excellent mental energy reserves, better body awareness and energy, significantly reduced rate of breathing and brethlesess and improved postural tone. I was also waking very early some days.

The second cycle I undertook starting in May provided none of these bennifits, I also noticed I was able to seep in longer, if I so wished.

So I’m wondering if there is a first dose effect with Rapamycin? If the subsequent doses don’t seem to be as strong? What have other people observed?

I’d be greatful to hear any insights people may have as I would describe the effects I was getting in January as “life changing”, but the effects I was getting last month as something I might not even notice, so I’m keen to get back those effects if and where possible.


Everyone seems to have a different response. For me, I constantly have a euphoric fatigue the first two days of dosing at all doses. However the effects are diminishing over time and it takes a higher dose to get the same effect. I am taking a 12 mg weekly dose equivalent.

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When I started rapamycin I had an episode of really strong side effects, Severe gastrointestinal issues, that lasted a 3-4 days. Now, with the same dose, I don’t experience any nasty effects like those I had in the beginning.

My speculation is that in the beginning, when increased Autophagy kicked in, there were more cells that were cleansed from my body . But this is only my personal speculation.

When I take rapamycin now, I still get increased energy and an uplifted/euforic mood for one or two days.


Thanks, and I’m guessing because the cells in the digestive tract need to turn over faster than other parts of the body, rapamycin inhibiting cell division could account for this.

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