Is "Rapamune" worth the cost?

Is “Rapamune” worth the additional cost?

Asking this base on Rapamune has been ultra fine grounded.

Better absorbed?

supposedly, rapamune has better absorption due to some nano crystal formulation
if you buy it from out of the us, its not so expensive

i have read up on this guy, and he seems to be legit
he lives in bulgaria, and buys/ships from the pharmacy whatever you want…

in the past i bought from inhousepharmacy, but this guy is cheaper and delivery seems to be much faster

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Amorphous Nanoparticulate Formulation of Sirolimus and Its Tablets

Is it beneficial for the additional cost?

3x the cost of generic or more

It seems like the nanocrystal technology provides about a 30% increase in bioavailability, and its about 3X to 6X the price of generic sirolimus. There is also some increased likelihood that the branded drug may be manufactured to higher tolerances, so could be more reliable in terms of dose, etc. but thats hard to prove one way or another without a longitudinal study of batches from each manufacturer.

See the discussion and data/papers here:

I’m certainly prepared to pay more for the peace of mind…

Thats completely reasonable.

People will make that personal choice as to whether branded drugs are worth the added cost based on their perceived risk of the generics, the cost/benefit that they would like to see to justify a given purchase, their income/assets and budget they are on, etc… reasonable decisions can be made in either direction - for the branded drug or the generic. It will be a personal decision, there is no “wrong” answer.

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