Is mitochondrial fragmentation (drp1) more likely to be good than mitochondrial fusion (opa1) ? Does damaging mitochondria to an extent increase selection pressure?

At least when mitochondria fragment, they get phagocytosed more easily

Doesn’t this happen more often with exercise, fasting, or starvation? Sometimes if the division is asymmetrical, the one with more damaged parts can get degraded

I saw a paper showing that preventing mitochondrial damage is not always a good thing (detrimental effects). Mitochondria have a life of their own - dynamics VERY different from most other cell parts and operate more like bacteria where evolutionary pressures can make the more robust ones crowd out the less robust ones if you increase selection pressure - and mitodamage IS a selection pressure

Another paper

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Do you have a link to this paper. I would think protecting mtDNA was good.

Lymecycline induces mitostress and is pro longevity