Is kimchi worth the potential risk of stomach cancer? Esp in vegetarians?

(garlic/broccoli sprouts may help?)_

Good question but nobody knows. But there are many ways to get / consume fermented foods…

One study found that in vulnerable Chinese populations with H. pylori, pickled veggies only increased cancer risk in those who ate an ounce or more of pork per day

I wouldn’t trust the health advise of a 48 year that looks like a frail neurotic person in their mid sixties… (unbelievable but I am the same age as him in that video, he looks at least 20 years older than me)


When I am selecting physicians looks rarely factors in. That is interesting though. I would tend to blame the pork more readily than the kimchi.


Looks are the most important factor when chosing whose health advice to follow because they are probably living by their advice too and you can see the result of their advice in their looks.

Again, I would judge more by the content of their advice. If they told me to go strictly carnivore I would run in the other direction!

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The result of their advice is in their looks unless they don’t follow their own advice in which case their advice is probably unsustainable anyway .

There is nothing wrong with following a strict carnivore diet, there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that the consumption of well prepared animal products causes any harm

Anyway if your intend is to look weak, frail, neurotic and prematurely aged then I’m sure dr Greger has some excellent health advice for you…

No evidence? Here you go.

YouTube videos aren’t evidence… give me some peer reviewed articles that actually show a causal link between meat consumption and any harm.

Read the studies and not the YouTube videos. One of the leading experts in this field doesn’t look well or sound well. He could be on his deathbed and I still would take his advice over a dentist. But that’s just me.

Since I am both an MD and dentist I think I can safely say that MDs unlike dentists are clueless when it comes to nutrition…Seriously "eat frequently with plenty of carbs and fruits " who can actually believe a diet that will literally make your rot out of your mouth is actually healthy…


Sounds like another Vegan with an axe to grind. We need objective information rather than propaganda.


Not a vegan, but I agree that diet is a messy area, bordering on religious. And I do trend towards whole foods but I am pretty flexible about what I ingest.

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