Is it a problem to take my weekly dose a day earlier?

I want to take my weekly dose in the future on tuesday and not on wednesday, as I used to do.

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Its more a question of what else you are doing. Are you fasting at the same time?

You could wait for the next Tuesday. So 13 days. Then double the dose. Much safer because it has a chance to clear out sooner. Could then return to weekly if desired.

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I am eating 4-8h a day. But I am currently at 1mg and want to increase tomorrow on 2mg. But if it is Not optimal I will wait for thursday. Wednesday is always the hardest day of my Week.

Are you saying you’re taking 1mg once per week? Thats an extremely low dose, so for me I would have no issues with shortening my dosing period by one day as I adjusted my weekly schedule. At a higher dose it might be an issue, but not likely if you’re currently at 1mg/week.