Is credible?

It’s VERY INTERESTING and presentable but its recommendations are opposite to that of mainstream, esp on oleic acid

But I trust physionic way way more on oleic acid.

A good heuristic is that most things that go against the mainstream is non-credible. Like Brad Stanfield says (paraphrased), once you go down the rabbit hole you mostly find evidence that strengthens the clinical guidelines, and in this case the nutritional guidelines. In the cases they don’t, many times it’s just that they don’t go far enough.


Mainstream dietary advice is terrible for oral health, how could a diet that literally makes your teeth rot out of your mouth (and isn’t in line with 2 million years of human eating) be any good for the rest of our bodies. But I am not complaining, it is what supports me financially.

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Most things, but not all things. I find the consensus on Vitamin D to be far too low (It is 400iu in the UK) and there seems a mildly irrational adversion to exogenous melatonin.