Is anyone part of All of Us Research Program? Is it anywhere comparable to UK Biobank?

I haven’t received anything interesting yet, and they didn’t ask for much blood nor did they ask for longitudinal measurements

Likely to be lactose intolerant - lol - this has always been good for me.

DNA marker*


Your result*


Near LCT


Also I can’t taste some bitter compounds - this is why I can eat raw vegetables so easily.

We looked at a place in your DNA that influences if you can taste a bitter compound called phenylthiocarbamide, or PTC.2 While PTC itself does not exist in food, some vegetables contain a bitter compound similar to PTC.

  • People who can taste PTC can taste similar bitter compounds in vegetables like raw broccoli and brussels sprouts. About 75% of people are able to taste PTC and related compounds.3
  • People who can’t taste PTC don’t taste similar bitter compounds in food.

Bitter taste perception is also influenced by other genetic and non-genetic factors.

Scientific details

The TAS2R38 gene makes a bitter taste receptor, which is part of our taste buds. Bitter taste receptors interact with our food and send signals to our brain that get interpreted as flavor.

We analyzed your DNA for the presence of a genetic variant

that alters TAS2R38 to allow for the detection of the bitter taste associated with PTC and similar compounds.10

DNA marker*


Your result*




*Each of your parents provides you with a nucleotide at this position, but we don’t know which parent gave you which nucleotide.

Also I have dry earwax - this also makes me less prone to body odor.

This is the program you’re talking about, correct?

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