Is Aging Real? — a reflection on space-time

The article below, entitled “Is Time Real” got me thinking about the parallel paradoxes of aging.

Aspects of our bodies age at different speeds, so young and old systems coexist simultaneously. Going back in time appears possible in some ways from an aging perspective, but meanwhile other systems of our bodies are racing more quickly than average into the future.

It’s like we are each a universe unto ourselves and each cell of our body an observer. Talking about age becomes more and more complex and even meaningless as we take into account each observer’s different perspectives and experiences. Ovaries are aged but they stare out at hair follicles that have already died in the midst of neurons that are as frisky as kittens.

In light of this I don’t know if it makes sense to talk about reversing aging or to talk about Aging as though it were a monolith. Increasing health span seems more reasonable, if more relative. Call it the Aging Theory Of Relativity.

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Perhaps a way of thinking about aging is spinning plates on sticks. If you don’t make sure that the plates are all spinning reasonably quickly they start falling off.

I think my Il-10 long genes hypothesis gives a way of keeping the spinning going more reliably.

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This book gives a really good perspective on time, if your interested on the topic. Its a quick/easy read and honestly well worth it for everyone to read.

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