Is Aging all in the Body size?

Dogs that are smaller live longer than big dogs. Women live longer than men. Asians live longer than Europeans (generally). When you enter an elderly home the people there are small and skinny. There usually isn’t an obese or even overweight person to be found. Are two of the biggest factors in longevity your girth and height? Seems to be.

Oh and Rapamycin given to young mice turns them into dwarves. It also shrinks blood stem cell size.

This is an open topic to discuss the 200+ lb. elephant in the room. What’s the best way to lose weight besides exercise and diet? My goal is to shed 20-30 lbs. and I believe this will bring my epigenetic age back in line with my chronological (or even lower?)


Both longevity and weight loss come back to caloric consumption. In the end, it’s all about the mammalian diet. Can your labs justify a physician to put you on semaglutide (injected or oral)?

The great thing about Hong Kong is that I have a doctor I can dictate which medications I want and he will write me a prescription for it. So getting smaglutide should not be a problem.

Is there a large benefit of injected over oral? I personally would prefer oral…

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It’s an interesting thought that longevity researchers have been curious about for a long time! Here’s a good thread about the relation between size and longevity:


I would tend to agree. How can we limit or decrease our growth hormones safely?

What about taking GlyNac?

I do take GlyNAC, but unfortunately, it hasn’t helped in weight reduction.

And Rapa also doesn’t help? It’s supposed to mimic starvation. I have difficult time gaining weight. Nothing helps.

What dose of rapamycin are you currently taking? Reduced appetite and weight are one of the things that happened after taking rapamycin for a few months. My own personal path to weight reduction was keto dieting, then TRF, then rapamycin. I still practice TRF but eat whatever I want to which happens to fall on the low to medium carbs.

If you are still working (which I assume your are) you probably experience a certain amount of stress eating. That’s how I gained too much weight in the first place. So, I would recommend de-stressing as much as possible. If you are not on TRF, that is where I would start and stay low carb as much as you feel comfortable with.

Given your location, you probably have a little more problem reducing carbs. Two of my favorite low-carb meals are Kung Pao Chicken and Terriyaki Chicken, for a combo of protein and healthy carbs I like Wor Ton Soup. (Not Won Ton Soup.)

I am currently taking 2 mg of Rapamycin + GFJ + EVOO a week. I have noticed a bit of reduced appetite around dinner, but I tend to overeat at dinner to avoid leftovers.

Actually, I love my job, and it is not very stressful (for me, not my colleagues). I do snack on almonds, sweet potatoes, and sometimes junk at work for energy. I drink 4 cups of coffee daily and two tbsp of EVOO in the morning. I usually eat baked vegetables at night. The weight just doesn’t come off, but luckily I am not gaining.

My parents have told me that it’s not what I am eating, but the quantity. My wife usually asks me to finish up the leftovers from dinner, and I’m thinking that’s probably the issue. I have to be willing to waste food instead of ‘waisting’ it. Also, I need to move up our dinner to 7:30 as it can sometimes drift up until 9 pm.


Not necessarily true Rapamycin is Not a Caloric Restriction Mimetic |

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I did not experience any weight loss on Rapa either. (In fact I gained some weight as I started to eat more, but I’m lowish in weight either way). Eating a whole food, vegan diet is an easy way for me to stay lowish in weight. Albeit I certainly don’t claim it is the most healthy diet perse, but it works for me. I also never bake foods, rather I steam some foods or cook them lightly, and include a lot of raw foods also.


I do the same with cooking. And it’s very difficult to gain any weight on such diet.

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Ask your wife to cook less or put less on your plate!

Or use smaller plates

DeStrider, I’m late on this topic which means I’ll ask a question you may have already answered. What do you normally eat during a day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Include any beverages. It’s probably a very healthy diet, but there may be alternatives some of us may suggest.

My problem is afternoon tea. I eat 4 meals a day. I also have morning and evening supplements. The caloric heavy supplements are the 30 ml of EVOO in the morning and the tbsp of Glycine in the morning and at night.

My meals are all healthy, but its a lot of calories. Breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal with unsweetened cocoa powder or All Bran cereal with oat milk along with two cups of black coffee. Sometimes i may have a bowl of homemade guacamole instead.

I have a couple handfuls of almonds for energy and two more cups of black coffee as a snack during the day.

Lunch is a salad of mixed fruit and vegetables with a protein. Tea is a sushi set. Dinner is usually at 7:30 pm and is baked vegetables along with a meat dish like a curry or stir fry.

After work I am so hungry that i cant make it to dinner without something in between. So its either sushi or snack on some carbs like a pastry.

I am maintaining my weight, but would prefer to lose some! About 20-30 lbs would be great. I am 212 lbs. I look fit for an American, but i look fat here in Hong Kong.

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You are not nearly eating enough (animal) protein, eat 2g/kg prioritise that and then see how much hunger you have left after getting in enough protein
And try intermittent fasting 2 meals without snacking


There’s always some protein on the salad like chicken or smoked salmon. Dinner always has a cut of meat like pork or beef or chicken. Breakfast has no protein though. The sushi set is five traditional pieces of sushi, a fake grilled crab stick and a bowl of udon noodles with green tea.

Yeah, the snacking needs to go. But the hunger pangs really get in the way of my work. Good advice.

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Some protein… To get to 2 g/kg you would need to eat around 180g-200gwhich would be a piece of around 750g of very lean meat or around 1kg of a fattier cut

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