Introducing Myself to say Thanks!

Hi Everyone! I just got a message from the system saying my “trust level” was upgraded, so I thought after lurking for a while, I’d introduce myself and also say, thanks very much to everyone here for the always thought-provoking and interesting content that is shared here. It goes without saying, I personally appreciate all that you all do to enhance our learning and understanding of Rapymycin, as well as other longevity/healthspan-related topics.

Of note, I just published a book (a month ago) titled: Age Well and Feel Great: The Proven Path to Solving the Aging Puzzle and Going the Distance. It’s large, at 680 pages (30 of those are filled with references).

I’m not a scientist, researcher, or doctor. I’m a regular guy who made a conscious decision to “die healthy” when I was 25. I’m now 63. Every single day of my life since those mid 20s has been spent learning and living what I’ve learned.

Here’s the Table of Contents for the book, just in case you’re curious.

  • **Preface – How I Got Here.

  • **Introduction

  • **Part 1: The Beginning.

    • Chapter 1 - What Does it Mean to Die Healthy?
    • Chapter 2 - Why We Age: Exploring Aging at the Cellular Level.
    • Chapter 3 - Age Beliefs and the Aging Puzzle: What’s Missing?
    • Chapter 4 - Conscious Aging: How to Rewrite the Narrative.
    • Chapter 5 - The Mainstays of a Long, Healthy Life: Early Diagnosis, Stress, Sleep, Finding Happiness and a Long, Healthy Life the Blue Zone Way.
    • Chapter 6 - Self-Assessment: What Are Your Risk Factors and Family History?*
  • **Part 2: Food.

    • Chapter 7 - Introduction: Confusion and Chaos.
    • Chapter 8 - Myths, Magic Bullets, and the Enemy.
    • Chapter 9 - Insulin Resistance and Hyperinsulinemia.
    • Chapter 10 - Time Restricted Eating.
    • Chapter 11 - Sugar.
    • Chapter 12 - Chronic Inflammation.
    • Chapter 13 - Cholesterol: Facts, Myths, and Misinformation.
    • Chapter 14 - Your Gut Microbiome.
    • Chapter 15 - Meat Lovers vs. Vegetarians: Who Is Right?
    • Chapter 16 – Take Home Nutrition Tips and Common Questions.

**Part 3: Movement.

  • Chapter 17 - Introduction.
  • Chapter 18 - Exercise: The Struggle is Real.
  • Chapter 19 - Basics and Fundamentals, Wisdom, and Going with the Flow.
  • Chapter 20 - How to Improve Your Stability.
  • Chapter 21 - How to Improve Your Feet.
  • Chapter 22 - Daily Movement Overview: Habits, Rules, Forever Movement Goals, and the Magic Bullet.
  • Chapter 23 - Your Move-Smart Program: Daily Movement “Snacks” and a 30-Day Bodyweight Squat Challenge.

**Part 4: Strength.

  • Chapter 24 - Introduction: Responsibility, Regret, and Resistance Exercise.
  • Chapter 25 - How To: Resistance Training for Everyone - Isometric Strength Training.

**Part 5: Cardio.

  • Chapter 26 - Cardiovascular Fitness: The Optimal Approach for Long-Term Health and Fitness -Type 1 and Type 2.
  • Chapter 27 - Cycling: The Lower Impact Cardio Choice.

**Part 6: Final Thoughts and Recommendations.

  • Chapter 28 - Dental Health, Anti-Aging Supplements: Worth the Risk or the Cost? The Dangers of Modern Life, The Future in Longevity Science: What’s to Come? and More.

  • **Epilogue: What’s Your WHY? What Would You Do Differently If You Knew You Were Going to Live to 100?

Just in case you might be interested to learn more, the link to the book is HERE.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Hi Al, and welcome to the site. Are you going to try rapamycin any time soon?


Thanks! I would love to try it at some point, yes.

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Hello again. As you may have seen from my question yesterday, I finally went to see the doc in Tampa and got a script. So it’s looking like my Rapa journey is about to begin!


:+1: keep us updated on your ramycin journey. What dose regime will you start at? Will you ease up dose or start with target dose directly?

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Thank you. I plan to start with the 1x 6mg per week regimen…


Hi - I recommend you read the thread on dosing, if you haven’t already: What is the Rapamycin Dose / Dosage for Anti-Aging or Longevity?

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Thank you. Are you recommending I start at a lower dose?

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I did start at 1mg and slowly ramped up my dose and it seemed to work well. I’ve also seen people who start immediately and have significant side effects when they started at 5mg or 6mg (in one dose).

So, I suspect that there may be fewer side effects for people by starting low and ramping up. But - the data is very anecdotal, so I don’t put a super high weight on it.

I try to be as evidence-based as possible, and there isn’t good data on this issue really, just a little anecdotal data, so I’m more just putting it out there as a consideration, rather than recommending it.


Thank you so much for your thoughtful reply. It makes sense actually, so I am going to follow your lead…and since I have 2mg tablets, I’ll start there to lessen any chance of side effects. Those wouldn’t be much fun. And I’ll go from there. Other than antibiotics after dental work, this will be the first-ever prescription med for me. And I’m 63. Quite a monumental moment in that respect, although I’m taking this “prescription” medication for different reasons than most my age are taking prescription drugs, obviously.


I got your book today. It’s very inspiring. Thanks


That’s awesome. Thank you. I’m quite pleased with how it came out and have certainly received lots of great feedback. Hopefully it’s changing lives for the better! :slight_smile:

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Hello, respected administrator. May I ask if you are currently taking the combination of Rapamycin and Metformin or the combination of Rapamycin and Acarbose, and at what dosage? Thank you very much!

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I usually take 8mg to 10mg (one dose per week), and 100mg Acarbose with starchy meals.

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I am confused why are we supposed to take Acarbose. My understanding was that Dr. Richard Miller ITP study of Rapamycin with Acarbose showed a significant improvement in mice longevity compare to Rapamycin alone. We also discovered that Acarbose has a positive effect on microbiome.
From recent blog entrees it seems that people take it only for glucose lowering effect (it’s not very effective for this purpose) or only before high starch meals.
Am I wrong?

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We really don’t have a concrete idea on why acarbose increases lifespan exactly… Dr. Miller has suggested it seems to be that you are reducing blood sugar spikes associated with daily eating, since Canagliflozin does the same thing and also increases lifespan.

See more here: Acarbose - Details On Another Top Anti-Aging Drug


So, 2mg at week 1, no noticeable effect at all. Just took 4mg, week 2, working up to 6mg, which I will take next week. Following the plan. :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone…just updating here. Week 3 and finally at the “planned” 6mg dose yesterday with breakfast (at 1pm), which included sardines, yogurt, nuts and seeds, and nutritional yeast…

Does anyone have any insight or thoughts on when I might experience any effects? And if I might experience any effects?


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Hello Al,

We are similar in age… it really took off for me at the end of 3 months… a full 90 days… and continued from there. I know for many the weight loss typically starts at the end of 3 months… a pound…a few days later another pound… and then up to 20 pounds lost… weight point resets and it stays off. Hope that helps…

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Thank you. Your feedback definitely helps. Is there any way you could be more specific as to what you mean when you say, “it really took off”? What did you feel and/or experience?

Thanks again!

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