Introduce yourselves here - what are your backgrounds/other social media site contact info?

Hello everyone! I’m Alex K. Chen (InquilineKea) - a high-intensity distributed computation and extreme generalist unlike anyone else and one of the most extreme outlier personalities in the universe (and i have extreme broad-level knowledge in aging/longevity/biochemistry/the internet/outlier personalities/finding people who “change everything”/animal intelligence).

My obsessions lie in lifetime unschooling, high-level/broad thinking, minimizing wasteful+unfun computations, reducing repetitiveness (both within AND across people), bringing out intense non-normie energies out of people, and staying neotenous forever (neoteny = longevity, LIKE PARROTS). I’ve outlined all my aging knowledge over at and

Quora is at,

reddit at,

Twitter at

I also have insane social bandwidth on top of my bandwidth for biology knowledge (some call me a superconnector, some say an “akcsphere” forms around me). A few people (including two longevity apprentices this year) have likened meeting me to “hitting the singularity”. One of my goals is to outline all high-level aging (and tangential) knowledge to new people in aging, helping guide them towards which neglected non-faddish areas to work on.

is the most “me” research paper everI’m also near-vegan, have perfect skin, have encyclopediac knowledge of ALL (high-volume low-calorie low-effort foods - organic strawberries/tomatoes are the BEST) and take rapamycin+metformin+acarbose.

Exposure to me can increase your healthspan/neuroplasticity/youthspan more than almost anyone else b/c I have encyclopediac knowledge of everything actionable (esp related to diet/pollution) that most directly affects it.



Thanks for posting. What’s the dosing protocol you’re following w/ rapamycin?

10mg per week (still on the low side relative to Mikhail). I’m somewhat irregular and sometimes skip doses (which prolly helps prevent tolerance if you see brian kennedy youtube). I have ADHD so my habits tend to be irregular.

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There are lots of new users now so bumping this thread

PS: I bumped rapa up to 20mg per every 2 weeks w/grapefruit. Might do up to 30mg.