Intestinal Metaplasia - Any advice for Regressing this Condition?

I was just diagnosed with this precancerous condition of the stomach. I doubt that it is related to my Rapamycin use for the past three years, but I do wonder if Rapamycin might have some affect on the condition. Rapamycin makes my fingernails thinner and more brittle snd affects the growth of other tissues. I plan to continue taking Rapamycin for now. Has anyone else had stomach or esophageal issues that might be Rapamycin related? Any advice for regressing this condition would be appreciated. Thanks.

How often do you take Rapamycin and what effective dosage?

Sorry. Source / brand of Rapa? Dosage for 3 years? Any other drugs?

I’m scheduled for UI endoscopy at the end of the month. Will see what it shows. Have been on Rapa for almost 13 years.

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Lara, you’re the earliest adopter I’ve heard of by far. How did you come across it?

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Dosage is 6 mg per week of dr reddy’s generic. I have seen information that indicates metformin and rapamycin may prevent or slow the progression of gastric cancer.

Because rapa has 60 hour half life i would suggest taking it less frequently particularly given the dosage.

Had kidney transplant - it’s my immunosuppressant.

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