International Perspective on Human Longevity Trials, Aging & DeSci, Brian Kennedy EARD2023

Dr. Brian Kennedy of the National University of Singapore presents “An International Perspective on Human Longevity Trials, Aging, and DeSci” at the Longevity+DeSci Summit NYC (EARD 2023) hosted by

Dr. Brian Kennedy is internationally recognized for his research in the basic biology of aging and as a visionary committed to translating research discoveries into new ways of delaying, detecting, and preventing human aging and associated diseases. He is a Professor in the Departments of Biochemistry and Physiology at National University Singapore and Director of the Centre for Healthy Ageing in the National University Health System. From 2010 to 2016 he was the President and CEO of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. Currently, he remains as a Professor at the Institute. Dr. Kennedy also has an adjunct appointment at the USC Davis School of Gerontology. Dr. Kennedy is also actively involved Biotechnology companies, serving in consulting and Board capacities, as well as Scientific Director of Affirmativ Health.

Dr. Kennedy also serves as a Co-Editor-In-Chief at Aging Cell.

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